Patch 1.2 pour Medal Of Honor : Airborne

Le 14 décembre 2007
C'est une mise à jour des plus conséquentes qui nous est proposée aujourd'hui pour Medal Of Honor : Airborne. Pesant un peu plus de 1,3 Go, cette dernière est disponible en téléchargement directement depuis nos serveurs.


Medal of Honor Airborne Update v1.2

New Features

- Players can select "Remember Me" which will remember the user's and .
- Players can now set a clan tag that will prefix every instance of the player's name.
- Players can set an alias that will be display instead of the player's Username.
- Games can be created by a dedicated server without a player cap.
- All in-game screens will show 24 players correctly.
- Market Garden map is playable in all modes.
- Factory map is playable in all modes.
- Added more spawn points and second tier spawn points to prevent spawn camping.
- Player ping times now show up on the scoreboard.
- Server name now shows up on the scoreboard.
- Increased chat text time on screen.
- Moved the chat text up above the compass.
- "Say" text is now white and "TeamSay" text is now yellow.
- Removed auto taunts when a player dies.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a crash that would send the player to a white screen.
- Fixed various clipping issues with geometry in Destroyed Village.
- Fixed a bug where players could walk through Objects in Remagen.
- Fixed a bug where audio would become muffled after a map change.
- Fixed a bug where the server list wheel scroll didn't work.
- Fixed a bug where the server list would refresh while scrolling and send the user back to the top of the list.
- Fixed an issue where the dedicated server crashed after entering an admin command.
- Fixed a bug that allows remote server to remember the last connection.

Balance Changes

- The recoil on the B.A.R. was reduced in multiplayer.
- The damage on the B.A.R. was reduced in multiplayer.
- The damage on the MP40 was increased in multiplayer.
- The recoil on the G43 was reduced in multiplayer.
- The damage on the G43 was increased in multiplayer.
- The K98 grenade count was lowered from 4 to 3 and now has the same amount of grenades as the M1 Garand in Multiplayer.
- The damage on the Springfield was reduced in Multiplayer.
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