Le patch v1.01 de STALKER : Clear Sky est en ligne

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04 septembre 2008 à 00h17
S'il ne doit théoriquement pas sortir avant vendredi, certains revendeurs peu scrupuleux auraient déjà démarré la commercialisation des boîtes de S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Clear Sky. Du coup, certains joueurs ont déjà pu débuter leur aventure et ont rencontre, comme nous, certains bugs.

Afin de remédier au plus tôt à la chose, les développeurs de GSC Game World nous proposent dès à présent une première mise à jour estampillée v1.01. Cette première mise à jour améliore la stabilité générale du jeu notamment en ce qui concerne les sauvegardes. Elle apporte également une amélioration des performances d'environ 5% et rééquilibre le mode multijoueur... Hélas, mille fois hélas, les sauvegardes réalisées avant l'installation du patch ne sont plus utilisables une fois que celui-ci est en place ! Espérons que GSC Game World ne nous fasse pas le coup à chaque mise à jour !


Une poignée de captures « maison » en attendant le test complet

• MultiSample Anti Aliasing
• Added use of special cover during fights.
• Improved dynamic lighting.
• Changes to combat balance: some enemies are now stronger.
• Changes to economic balance.
• Added secondary objectives.
• Changed some animations in the multiplayer.
• Improved sorting of secondary objectives in the PDA.
• Added the ability to communicate with storyline characters, squad leaders and guides without holstering weapons.
• Added description of stash contents when purchasing information about the stash.
• Added additional information to pop-up tips in the PDA.
• Changed traders' item stocks in certain areas.
• Changed life simulation balance (event intensity, mutant strength).
• Added the opportunity to get your items back after being mugged at the Garbage. Only part of your money is now taken when you enter/leave the Garbage.
• Added rewards for joining factions.
• Changed the PDA log message filtering system.
• Added flares in Limansk and the Red Forest.
• Increased reward for capturing enemy bases in the Faction War.
• Save/load file names can no longer contain brackets.
• Added use of localized strings in game console, chat etc.

• Game optimization (approximately 5% improvement).
• Overall game stability improved considerably.
• Fixed errors in saving the game, which caused consistent crashes during long games.
• Game loading speed increased by 10-15%.
• Fixed error with the emission.
• Fixed error which caused characters to run around with activated grenades in their hands.
• Fixed random enabling of music which had been disabled in settings.
• Fixed stash errors, including incorrect saving and accumulation (disappearance) of items in stashes.
• Fixed error with automatic failure of a number of objectives, which prevented them from failing.
• Fixed errors in some secondary quests.
• Fixed the guide algorithm. Guides can now take you to more locations.
• Fixed an error which caused the player to become an enemy of Clear Sky.
• Fixed the player's starting position when entering areas.
• Fixed errors in the response of detectors to anomalies and artifacts. The detector no longer responds to artifacts it can't detect.
• Fixed reward at the Duty base.
• Fixed minor issues in the PDA interface and in the multiplayer main menu.
• Fixed errors which caused the game to crash when the player joined Duty.
• Fixed minor bugs in mutant behavior after death (vanishing corpses, continuing animations).
• Fixed appearance of items in crates owned by camps.
• Fixed tree penetrability, including the ability to be penetrated by machine gun fire.
• Improved visual presentation of some anomalous areas.
• Fixed appearance of some Freedom stalkers.
• Fixed some text errors.
• Fixed errors which made it impossible to upgrade some items.
• Fixed the error which made it impossible to use grenades in the player's inventory.
• Characters no longer give out secondary objectives during camp attacks and defense.
• Some traders now sell upgraded weapons.
• Added places to hide from emissions in the Dark Valley.
• Fixed an error with detector activation from the inventory.
• Fixed FPS drop in the main menu.
• Fixed double super-sampling buffering.
• Fixed bug with night vision effect which remained after the suit which provided it was removed.
• Fixed font display in DX10.
• Fixed errors in key assignment in game options.
• Fixed team history in the console following log clearance.

• Added the Repair Base map
• Changed multiplayer balance.
• Fixed health indicator bug caused by using medkits while invulnerable.
• Fixed inventory opening bug, which occurred when the player died in DM, TDM and AH modes.
• Fixed the bug which caused a pause after client connection.
• Buy menu improved.
• Fixed BattlEye support.
• Fixed patching system.
• Fixed incorrect error message.
• Fixed error with movement of items in the backpack.
• Fixed first bullet dispersion.

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