Clavier souple pour Smartphone : disponible ?

01 juin 2018 à 15h36
Info soumise par Galaga: Voici un copie du mail que je viens de recevoir de Steve Green (Sales and Marketing Director) d'Eleksen Ltd, la société qui fabrique apparemment les futurs Claviers souples pour le SPV et autres Smartphones.

Pour les non-anglophones, le mail dit en substance

que le clavier en question est désormais disponible en tant qu'accessoire dans les quatre pays concernés (France, UK, Suisse, Danemark) chez les revendeurs Orange...

Pour info la société qui produit ce clavier (Eleksen) est également celle qui produit les claviers souples Logitech pour Palm. Reste à connaître le prix (celui pour Palm coûte environ 120€ et la date effective de disponibilité).

Copie du mail :



New fabric keyboard technology now the essential accessory for Orange SPV

customers across Europe

London, UK, March 11th, 2003 - Eleksen, the UK-based world leader in soft

interface technology, today announced that its fabric keyboard is now

available as an accessory for users of the SPV Smartphone in the four

European countries that have launched the device - France, Denmark,

Switzerland and the UK. Available through both Orange's direct and indirect

sales outlets, the flexible keyboard - which can be crumpled and folded

repeatedly without impacting performance - represents a major advance in

ending the data entry bottleneck that affects small, mobile devices.

"It's no good increasing the bandwidth of the network if the last few inches

to the keypad still restrict the user," said Bernard Smith, CEO, Eleksen.

"While handset manufacturers and mobile operators continue to increase the

power and capabilities of wireless applications and services, their

creativity - and revenue streams - are going to remain restricted by the

physical limits that traditional phone keypads place on the user's

interaction with this new world of commerce and entertainment. This issue is

going to be particularly important as mobile gaming begins to take off, and

customers become frustrated with the limitations of traditional keypad


Andy Thomas, Device Development for OrangeWorld, Orange said: "The flexible

keyboard makes texting and emailing even easier. Usability is a crucial

driver for the take up of the rich new Orange services we are developing at

OrangeWorld." He added: "This is a fantastic accessory that makes the SPV an

even more compelling device for Orange customers - especially business

customers. Additionally, consumer customers are continually seeking new ways

to interact with content and games on their SPV, and the keyboard provides a

versatile next link in that value chain."

Eleksen's unique ElekTex technology makes it possible to create highly

durable, all-fabric keyboards for use with almost any mobile device. This

gives handset and applications designers the opportunity to develop

completely new ways for customers to use and control their increasingly

complex devices - without adding unnecessary overheads in terms of size,

weight or power consumption.

For further information, please contact:

Steve Green

Sales and Marketing Director

Eleksen Ltd

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