Zuk Z1 video review : a good alternative to the OnePlus 2

Vidéo : The Zuk Z1 is a nice surprise : the Lenovo brand made a very nice looking 5.5 inch phone with great battery life and cool customisation features, thanks to Cyanogenmod.

The phone reminds us a lot of the Oneplus 2 : both include a custom ROM (Cyanogenmod on the Zuk, OxygenOS on the OnePlus), a 5.5 inch screen and a USB-C port.

The screen of the Zuk Z1 looks very nice. The smartphone includes a Snapdragon 801 chip, which is a bit old but still offers good performance in games.

The design is a bit bulky but well finished, with an aluminium border very reminiscent of the iPhone 6. The front button integrates a fingerprint sensor.

Modifié le 12/02/2016 à 16h14