OnePlus X : the video review

Vidéo : OnePlus X : the complete video review.

A few months after releasing OnePlus 2, Chinese OnePlus is back with the OnePlus X, a newer, smaller and more affordable smartphone. The OnePlus X aims at pleasing everyone with decent configuration, serious finishing touch, new design and a 299€ price tag. Could the OnePlus X be the Nexus 5 Google did not make? The answer lies in our videotest.

The Pros
Whereas most phones in that price range mostly are made of plastic, OnePlus X is made of glass and metal. Feels kind of similar to the iPhone 4 but with rounded edges and a thin lines close to those of an iPhone 6s.

Assembly quality is serious, the product being both light and dense. The phone is pleasant to hold in hand, soft on touch and fingers slide easily on the striped metallic texture on the edges all around. And that's a good thing because the phone glass is so polished that it turns out to be a little slippery in hand. And since glass breaks, OnePlus lets you have a soft plastic casing in your OnePlus X package. That is the kind of initiative we appreciate. The OnePlus X is fitted wit a 5 inches AMOLED Full HD scree, with stunning contrast, although white turns to blue when tilting the phone.

The OnePlus X is fluid and reactive. Under the hood, there's a SoC SnapDragon 801 at work, along with 3 gigs of RAM. Oxygen OS, while being similar to Android Stock, brings along nice features like shortcut customization, dark mode, gesture recognition or flashlight. The camera is swift and quick, with no latency. That's a good thing even though the pictures quality isn't that good. The double SIM slot can also be hosting a micro SD card, in order to extend the 16gigs base storage when using one SIM card only. The audio section isn't bad either, with powerful loudspeaker and jack plug.

The Cons
OnePlus X has quite a handful of bugs. For example, the micro SD cards aren't assimilated yet by Google's native storage. At the time being, it is impossible to move an app on the micro SD card; whereas browsers detect the card. Well aware of this, OnePlus is trying to fix the situation.

Camera is a bit disappointing too. It's quick but the quality of the pictures taken isn't satisfying. Image noise is visible on low sensitivity levels. No stabilizer, either for photos or videos. In terms of battery life, phone dies after a day and a half of moderate use, and lasts almost a day in intensive use. We also tried to play Asphalt 8 and noticed that the game doesn't play that great. Maybe this comes from software optimization. Lastly, glass is a material that breaks and gets dirty easily. Micro scratches had already appeared on our test model, after only two weeks of use. The worst is to come in case the phone is dropped.

Our final opinion
Within that price range, there's nothing much to be found. The OnePlus X has solid arguments though, especially when it comes to chasing a Nexus 5 sold around 349€. Of course, the phone is far from being perfect. Its all-glass conception requries a lot of attention. Other minor quirks will certainly be gone through updates and patches. In the end, the OnePlus X is a pleasant and efficient smartphone, sold for a good price.

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