Looking Back On The First XBox

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November 15th 2001 marks the launch of the XBox in Europe. Although the target of many a critic, the console was ahead of its time on many aspects.

First, let's mention its architecture entirely similar to that of a PC. A world premiere that would only happen 12 years after with the XBox One and the PS4 whose architecture revolves around an X86 processor.

And even if it is inspired by the Dreamcast, the first XBox brings along the famous XBox Live, a powerful network infrastructure for the players to compete against each other, online.
However, the pay-to-play online service has been massively rejected on PC.
Yet, even Sony started to charge for online service with the PS4.

The first XBox was the first to feature an HDD, which was mostly used as a gigantic memory card since none of that memory was put to good use, except for some hacking and modding.
In 2004 though, Microsoft officialised the XBox Live Arcade service for games downloading.

But finally, the most appreciated feature of all was unexpected: the XBox can be turned into a digital juke-box. Audio CD tracks are stored on the HDD. Icing on the cake being some games like PGR2 that allowed to replace the in-game soundtrack by any song stored on the HD.

Some mocked the pumpkin-like controller. Well aware of this, Microsoft released a smaller controller called Controller S. It was at first exclusively reserved for the japanese market but quickly reached Europe and the USA as a standard.

The Halo games serie was the console spearhead, Halo 2 being the game that sold the most, topping around 8 million copies worldwide. Jet Set radio, Crazy Taxi and the splendid Panzer Dragoon Orta were added to the roster, in order to please the japanese market.

The Team Ninja developed two graphically stunning games at the time: Dead or Alive 3, and Ninja Gaiden.

And as we were mentionning hacking, we'll note that the XBox could be turned into a Mediacenter with XBMC, taht which we know today under the name Kodi.

In a time where DVix was king and streaming services were not dematerialized, what was better than a good ol' XBox in teh middle of the living room?

This ends of our recap of the first XBox short life, replaced by the XBox 360 after four short years of existence.
Here comes the uncensored version of the XBox ad back then. Viewer's discretion is advised!

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