iPad Pro : review of the XXL Apple's tablet

Vidéo : The XXL tablet of Apple reviewed

After months of rumors, the iPad Pro became a reality. The giant Apple tablet features a 12,9 inches screen, an A9X processor as fast as most laptops according to Apple, 4 stereo speakers and the Apple Pencil stylus. So here we go around the iPad XXL in our video review!

As soon as we turn it on, the 12 inches screen glows with a remarkable quality. With its 2732 * 2048 pixels definition, it almost rivals that of a 15" MacBook Pro, but with superior density. Vision angles are almost impeccable, and just like the iPad Air 2, the screen is laminated: there is no space between glass and pixels. The render is extremely readable for web pages, photos, documents or videogames.

Under the hood, iPad Pro has A9X chip, the most powerful chip ever created by Apple. Performances are very good for apps and games, but the most promising comes from the processor's potential: it is possible as of now to edit 4K video rushes from an iPhones 6S with iMovie, as well as play any game without experiencing framerate drops. Let's just hope that developers put it to good use.

Multitasking is at ist best on the iPad Pro, thanks to the size of the screen. Two apps can run at the same time, next to each other, while making room for a virtual keyboard. Smart Connector allows to plug a physical keyboard just like Apple's Smart Keyboard or Logitech's Create.

The APpel Pencil is a nice one. Designers equipped with pressure sensors, which allows for realistic brushings and writtings. Round and minimalistic and charged through a male Lightning connector, where do we store that pencil? Apple did not give it a thought.

We also like the 4 stereo speakers: perfectly clean stereo sound, no matter what direction the tablet is facing.

iPad Pro

The Apple Pencil, and more generally all iPad Pro accessories, are sold at rather high prices. 109 Euros for the Apple Pencil, 179 Euros for the Smart Keyboard and even 89 Euros for the silicone protective casing.
One can use the iPad Pro without these, but to put it to full use requires an extra 258 Euros.

The size of the tablet seems to be a problem as well. The iPad Pro is better handled with two hands, whereas we were used to hold an iPad or an iPad Classic with one hand only. Of course, we're not talking iPad Mini here, but still.

And as every 1.0 apple product, iPad Pro is full of promises but its potential remains unexploited. Quite a number of apps aren't optimized for its big screen yet, or for ios 9 multitasking.
It's the same old same: after switching to Retina or iPhone's big picture, here we are waiting for our apps to be upgraded.

iPad Pro is full of promises, and it can also be seen as a giant iPad for those who want one. But as of now, it's no more than this: apps that fully exploit its potential are scarce, and the big screen implies a lot of compromises.
If you're looking for something that combines tablet and PC, then you'd better check out Surface Pro by Microsoft, but iPad Pro is aimed at artists or users who want more from their ios.


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