iPad Mini 4 review

Vidéo : The iPad Mini 3's only notable added feature was a Touch ID sensor. So now the iPad Mini 4 brings more than this: lighter, thinner and smarter. Has the smallest of all iPads finally become really worth it? The answer lies in our video review.

The iPad Mini 4 is but a small iPad Air 2 that weighs less than 300 grams for the wi-fi version, and just a bit more on the 4G version we reviewed. It feels like holding a superior version of a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet. Compact or an 8" Galaxy Tab S2, which makes him the easiest iPad to use with one hand. Whereas the iPad Mini screen had a rather unwanted space between glass and pixels, the Mini 4 screen is laminated, just like an iPhone or iPad Air 2. Colours are even better than before, even though the screen itself would benefit from a bit more luminosity. iPad Mini could be the best gaming iPad for now, with its A8 processor, had he been equiped with the A8X chip from iPad Air 2.

That makes it more than enough for the iPad Mini to run most games just fine. Another notable feature is its 2 gigs memory. Until today, iOS has always been optimized for 1 gig memory. Safari tabs remain longer, and multitasking is easier thanks to Split View mode. This can be interesting in case one has to take notes.

Eventhough Apple made an effort regarding memory, the same cannot be said about storage: it still starts at 16 gigs. An iPad is often used to watch movies or tv series, and unless you're going for the streaming option, that is maybe not enough room to store your movies, clips and games. It takes a hundred Euros to go from one version of storage capacity to another. And it takes an extra 120 Euros if you're picking the 4G version If money is a concern, you can pick cheaper tablets such as the Asus Zenpad S 8, which is also a very good device.

Lastly, after testing the iPad Pro 4 stereo speakers, getting back to the small ones on the iPad Mini is a bit painful. Due to the chamfered design, we ended up covering the speakers more than once Sound is good overall, but it could definetely be better!

In short, iPad Mini 4 is THE iPad Mini we were expecting last year. It still stands as one of the best, if not THE best 8 inches tablet, provided you're willing to spend some money, knowing the fact that, as often, the 16 gigs version may not be the best version to buy.

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