Facebook wants to tackle YouTube

Vidéo : Facebook wants to tackle YouTube

Facebook has announced today that is has started testings for a new video section.
It looks like Facebook is trying to challenge Google's Youtube, the leading video streaming platform on the web.
The video section on Facebook was first designed for the iPhone, where users can watch videos already shared on the social network.
Users can access the video section by tapping the icon at the bottom of the Facebook app.
Facebook also has a suggested videos feature that feels exactly like the one on youtube.
This new section is considered to be in early testing days and has been rolled out to most iPhone users. An Android version should be available in the coming months.
There is also an option to save videos to watch them later, via the "Saved" bookmark.
Multitasking is possible while watching videos,
using the floating screen support.
Twitter also adopted a video approach to expand its platform, which is also a confirmation of how swiftly digital media grow via online video streaming services.

Modifié le 14/10/2015 à 16h50