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Control what windows downloads


I've been having this frustrating issue that I would be really pleased if you Gentlemen helped me with it..

I'm using a laptop, and sometimes I want to use internet outside so I share internet access via my phone (mobile data).

The thing is, that when I look at the data usage indicator, I see that the PC is downloading something, maybe Microsoft update maybe anything else I have no idea!

if there's a way to disable all links (like the host file but for all links ) except for some chosen ones. ?

Or if there's a way to know the source of that downloading..

Ps : I deactivated windows update service and I disabled all 'non-microsoft services' from starting with computer.

I disabled all applications starting with computer too.

And nothing worked, the PC is still downloading something..

Thanks in advance people, please help?
try to see in resource monitor, in network tab
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