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iTunes et autres baladeurs mp3 - Est-il possible de combiner les deux ?

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Bon voila je vais faire bref. Je vais bientôt avoir un Creative Zen Vision:M, et je voudrais mettre des podcast dessus pour écouter des émissions de radios qui passent en France (j'habite à la Réunion) et de celles que je n'ai pas le temps d'écouter.

Je me suis renseigner et j'ai vu qu'il fallait passer par un lecteur de podcast tel iTunes. Cependant je me pose des questions sur la compatibilité. Apple étant très "fermé" avec ses formats propriétaires... Cela ne m'étonnerait pas qu'iTunes ne soit compatible qu'avec les Ipod.

Je voudrais savoir donc, si iTunes était compatible avec tous les lecteurs mp3, et connaître les solutions alternatives, étant donné que certains sites ne passent QUE par iTunes pour les podcast.

Merci d'avance.

Il n'y a personne pour me répondre ?

Est-il possible d'utiliser iTunes avec un baladeur qui n'est pas un iPod ???
Sur la page de Creative Zen Micro:

The official answer is 'no' (*)- but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you're a fan of iTunes, then an iPod is probably the way to go. If you're not a fan of being tied to just Apple's solution, and want a wider choice, then the Zen's a good bet. Creative supply their own software for copying tracks to the Micro, or you can use Windows Media Player (our preferred option). The Micro gives you more software choice, and you're not tied to Apple's software (which you have to register to use). The iPod supports MP3 and AAC formats, and the Zen supports MP3 and WMA formats, so if you're buying tracks with iTunes in AAC format, you're tied to the iPod. The formats used by the Zen are fine with other products from Creative, Philips, iRiver, Samsung, etc. If you're looking to order tracks online, consider the popular Napster

* Update: Thanks to site visitor J Rodd for pointing out: To copy music from iTunes to Zen Micro, all you do in iTunes is to go to purchased music, click 'burn disc', pop a blank disc in, write the files to disc, then copy them from CD.

Thanks also to site visitor Lisa for adding the following: "At least in the new versions of iTunes, you can go to the Edit menu, click Preferences, and under Advanced, Import, you can choose the file type to save imported music (from cd's) in. You can choose between AAC, MP3, and also AIFF, Apple Lossless, and Wave formats. You can easily convert any music already in iTunes to MP3 by selecting the song(s) you want to convert, right-clicking, and selecting Conver to MP3 from the menu. The songs are saved in My Music/iTunes by default (view the location by going back into the Preferences menu, it's under Advanced, General tab. You can also right-click the headings in iTunes and add the "kind" heading to see the file types, and sort by that heading to quickly convert all AAC files to MP3, then resort and delete the AAC files entirely if you only want MP3 files.

Expand your listening pleasure on your Zen product by downloading podcasts onto your player. A podcast is an audio file available for download and transfer to your device. They're often updated regularly and are a new type of broadcasting set to change what we listen to. You can subscribe to channels of interest and get updated recordings synced to your Zen on a range of subjects.

In 2006, podcasts reached new heights when Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant from the BBC's Office made a free (and hilarious) podcast available.

    * Zen's free Podcasting tool: ZenCast
    * More on Podcasting

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