photo Reebok Fitness EasyTone Stepper Bleu

Reebok Fitness EasyTone Stepper Bleu

à partir de 99,90€

EASYTONE STEP BLUE -Total body workout to help tone and tighten muscles. Multi purpose functional training platform provides a diverse range of exercises. Balance pods create natural instability to force muscles to adapt. Reversible usage. Workout with pods up and pods down. Adjustable air transfer between

photo EasyTone Step Rose magenta

EasyTone Step Rose magenta

à partir de 69,95€

Descriptif technique Marque : REEBOK

photo Reebok Fitness Easytone Step

Reebok Fitness Easytone Step

à partir de 68,31€

Pression de l'air ajustable en fonction de l'exercice

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